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Thoughts and best practices for leveraging partner portals to work with reseller partners.

Getting to grips with HubSpot private content

Getting to Grips with HubSpot Private Content

16 Mar, 2024

HubSpot offers a genuinely powerful platform for membership content — customer portals, partner portals, support portals — that isn't just integrated with your HubSpot customer relationship management (CRM), it's actually built right in HubSpot. 

However, without deep understanding of what's possible, it can be quite a leap from reading the documentation to figuring out how to leverage private webpages beyond letting people log in to access them.

In this guide, we take you through the 3 critical things you need to know about HubSpot private content, and show you how you can leverage it to deliver tailored experiences for users of your partner portal.

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Introducing Private File Locker for HubSpot files

Introducing Private File Locker for HubSpot Files

5 Feb, 2024

If you're using HubSpot's CRM to deliver content that users need to log in to access, you've probably noticed a major drawback when it comes to files loaded in HubSpot.

The links to those files are still publicly accessible, even though the pages you've linked them are not.

That's less than ideal.

Files that are strictly for an authorized audience — price lists or sales playbooks for reseller partners, software that only customers should be able to download — need to be inaccessible to anyone else.

AllianceHub reseller deal registration

Streamlining Reseller Deal Registration in HubSpot

6 Jan, 2024

Reseller-focused organizations know it's incredibly beneficial to offer resellers or channel partners a way to register deals they're working on.

Even if that involves a simple form submission and a manually updated spreadsheet, every organization functions better with a view of all of the deals in their pipeline and who's working on them.

Regardless of the tools you use for that view, they're only useful if they capture every single deal.

5 reasons to build your partner portal in HubSpot

5 Reasons to Build Your Partner Portal in HubSpot

29 Dec, 2023

If you're already using HubSpot as your CRM, you know how powerful it is for managing customer relationships and sales pipelines. That complete view of the interactions you and your team have with customers, partners and suppliers is a rich source of information you can tap into, to provide experiences that are delightful and mutually beneficial in every way.

The same is true for building your partner portal in HubSpot. If you thought that was beyond HubSpot's capabilities, think again. Here are our top 5 reasons why using a PRM built in HubSpot is a solidly good idea.

Leveraging technology for greater partner success

Leveraging Technology for Greater Partner Success

19 Nov, 2023

Organizations using a channel and alliance partner approach to market have plenty of untapped opportunity to leverage those partnerships for greater mutual success by breaking down silos.

In Market Guide for Partner Relationship Management Applications (April, 2023) the Gartner team makes it clear that channel and alliance partners are increasingly involved in opportunities for driving growth, taking part in co-marketing and co-ideation efforts. At the same time, organizations' efforts are hampered by lack of critical insight into how, and where their partners engage.

AllianceHub: A HubSpot-Based Partner Portal

AllianceHub: A HubSpot-Based Partner Portal

10 Nov, 2023

When we first stepped in to run marketing and generate growth for data management company Panzura, the company needed a partner portal to replace the out-dated, awkward and very pricy option it had in place. We'd gone all-in on HubSpot as our customer relationship, marketing, sales and service management system, so we needed to find options that were either native to HubSpot, or had a HubSpot integration with two-way communication.

Fast forward to now, and AllianceHub is a partner portal built entirely in HubSpot.