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Easily build your partner portal in HubSpot 🤝

Streamline your channel partner approach with partner relationship management that lives inside HubSpot, right next to your marketing, sales and service tools. 

AllianceHub — a partner portal built in HubSpot

👋 Welcome to AllianceHub, friend 😊


Let your channel partners register deals directly into your HubSpot pipeline, and monitor the status of their own deals.


Make your partner portal look exactly the way you want it to without knowing any code, using the easy AllianceHub theme customizer.


Monitor partner engagement using HubSpot's built-in metrics, to see who's logging in and how they're consuming your content.


Put sales resources at your partners' fingertips without duplicating files, to make it easy for them to sell your solutions.

Create, customize and launch your partner portal, without ever leaving HubSpot.

No external PRM required - AllianceHub lets you create a user-friendly partner portal with private content in just minutes, and use familiar drag-and-drop functionality to insert any of your own additional elements.

Create, configure and deploy AllianceHub right in HubSpot

Personalized dashboard

At-a-glance deal pipeline value, deal registration and important sales resources, with deal view automatically controlled by user role.

Deal registration

Real-time deal registration for your partners captures the deal details you care about, and can automatically assign deals to partners.

 Deal pipeline

Let your partners see their own pipeline, with controlled views for partner reps, and partner admins, based on your HubSpot settings.

 Deal detail

Click into any deal for up-to-date deal status, value, last activity, next steps, expected close date and any additional deal description.

Private sales resources

Make it easy for your partners to find, view and download important sales resources using private links that only they can access.

User profile

Let your partners keep their profile details up to date, and make it easy for them to get in touch with their account manager.

Built for organizations that run on HubSpot.

AllianceHub is a flexible, extensible HubSpot-native partner portal created to meet the needs of fast-growing, partner-focused organizations. It blends your partners' need for relevant, up-to-date deal information and sales collateral with your marketing team's need to deliver a delightful, trackable, on-brand experience.

Your single data source for teams and partners.

AllianceHub isn't just integrated with HubSpot. It's built using the HubSpot CMS and draws data from HubSpot, removing the need to duplicate any records, or sync partner data with an external PRM.

Simple and intuitive for HubSpot admins to implement.

AllianceHub comes pre-configured with smart, personalized partner modules for one-click page creation, and every element can be customized to your brand requirements.

Leverage the power of your HubSpot deployment.

AllianceHub lets you securely use your existing HubSpot data to provide and restrict access, identify authorized partner admins and display personalized content, updated in real time.

Partner relationship management simplified. Everything you need to build, secure and run a HubSpot partner portal your partners will love... and use.

One-click install page templates

✅ Dashboard
✅ Deal registration
✅ Deal pipeline
✅ Deal detail
✅ Sales content list
✅ Sales content detail
✅ User profile
✅ Request a call
✅ Account creation
✅ Log in / log out
✅ Password reset

Easy-insert custom modules

✅ Open partner deals
✅ Open partner deal value
✅ Closed won partner deals
✅ Closed won partner deal value
✅ Deal registration form
✅ Partner rep deal pipeline

✅ Partner administrator deal pipeline
✅ Featured sales content
✅ Private file locker
✅ Account manager quick-find
✅ Partner profile management
✅ Social follow

Use your favorite CMS Hub* tools

✅ Login-based membership / SSO
✅ Self-registration
✅ Automatic, list-based page permissions
✅ Configurable registration, account and password reset emails
✅ Passwordless (magic link) login
✅ Personalization
✅ Analytics
✅ A/B testing
✅ Calls to action
✅ Drag and drop editor
✅ Workflows

* AllianceHub requires CMS Hub Enterprise