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Release notes 🛠️


Release notes 3.8

Released 03/5/24

Our layout should not be your layout, so we've rounded out AllianceHub v3 with completely clean versions of the dashboard modules, untethered from the card layout you've been restricted to until now. Now, you can design your dashboard exactly the way you want it, placing the count and value of open deals, and deals won in the current year anywhere on the page, against any background.

Then, you can set the font, size and color to suit your design.

Release notes 3.7

Released 02/22/24

This release provides two additional modules for the AllianceHub dashboard — won deals. These display the number and the value of closed won deals, and can be set to show all closed won deals, or all deals won in the year to date.

Release notes 3.6

Released 02/02/24

This version incorporates a brand new module to lock down HubSpot files to only users logged in to your AllianceHub partner portal. Private File Locker provides a limited-time encrypted Locker Link for a HubSpot private file. The link is generated on page load and it's available for the length of time you specify, from seconds to hours. After the link expires, the file is no longer available at that address. 

Release notes 3.5

Released 01/26/24

This is a fine-turning release, with improved deal pipeline display for both individuals and partner company administrators.

Release notes 3.4

Released 12/28/23

No more Zaps, no need for workflows — 3.4 incorporates a company custom deal registration form that creates a deal, and places it in the desired pipeline with the chosen status. Then, it automatically associates the deal with the customer company it's for, the partner contact and partner company who registered it, and any line items that have been selected.

Release notes 3.3

Released 11/8/23

A new version of the social follow module has been released, with support for FontAwesome 6.4.2 icons. This contains the all-important icon, to replace

Release notes 3.2

Released 11/1/23

We love tiny design details, so we've added a gradient option to buttons.

Release notes 3.1

Released 10/25/23

This version includes behind-the-scenes code changes to improve flexibility, as well as added partner functionality. Now, deal line items are included in the detail view, and there's an additional sales content layout available. 

Release notes 2.1

Released 9/13/23

Moving swiftly to fine-tune this beast, 2.1 adds closed won and closed lost deals into the deal pipeline, allowing you to filter by each deal type. 

We've also added support for gradients in more places within the theme customizer.  

Release notes 1.26

Released 8/19/23

AllianceHub 1.26 now available 🎉

AllianceHub is a newly released HubSpot-native partner portal, compatible with Hub CMS Enterprise. It includes:

Page templates

✅ Dashboard
✅ Deal pipeline
✅ Deal detail
✅ Register a deal
✅ Sales resources list
✅ Downloadable sales resources
✅ Updatable user profile
✅ Request a call
✅ Partner program
✅ Account creation
✅ Log in / log out
✅ Password reset

Custom modules

✅ Open deals
✅ Open deal value
✅ Partner rep deal pipeline
✅ Partner administrator deal pipeline
✅ Featured sales content
✅ Account manager
✅ Profile view
✅ Social follow