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AllianceHub overview

AllianceHub is carefully crafted to make it easy for organizations with Hub CMS Enterprise to build their channel partner portal in HubSpot. It's fully customizable and lets you use the logos, brand template, preferred colors and files that you've already loaded into HubSpot. It leverages HubSpot's private pages and membership capabilities for secure access.

AllianceHub is a HubSpot private application that allows partners you authorize to log in to your portal to register deals as well as view the pipeline they have generated and closed.

Not only can you restrict access to contacts belonging to authorized partner companies, you can restrict the information that individuals can see based on whether they are a partner rep (can see their own deals), or a partner admin (can see their company's deals).

Easy to set up

AllianceHub page templates come preconfigured with custom modules, so building your core portal is a simple as creating pages and selecting the relevant template, e.g. dashboard. There's only a little additional set up required, for elements that sit within your HubSpot instance, rather than within a theme; e.g. forms, contact record fields, and deal associations.

Fully customizable

AllianceHub is built to make it easy for your design to shine through, allowing you to set your logo, preferred fonts, sizes and colors for every element, from the header, to tables, to your buttons. Page elements can be moved and adjusted, so you're never constrained by our layouts.

The result is a channel partner portal that is uniquely your own, without requiring a developer to write any code.

Built by data-driven partner marketers

In creating AllianceHub, we've drawn on our experiences building out partner portals, when we've had to duplicate files into another system, been constrained by dashboard limitations or been unable to leverage HubSpot tracking and personalization because it conflicted with WordPress login forms.

In delivering the essentials, we've kept sight of the flexibility you need, so you're not locked into what we think your portal should look like. 

Instead, you have a one-click ability to install the framework — the coded content that requires time and expertise to build — and can then use HubSpot's easy drag-and-drop approach to add any further elements you'd like. Every HubSpot feature you already use, such as chatbots or tracking, is right there with you.

Help when you need it

Our installation documentation will take you through every step, and if you need assistance, just let us know by raising a support ticket.