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Customizing AllianceHub

Once you have installed the AllianceHub theme, you're ready to customize its appearance to your brand requirements.

All of your portal's global appearance settings, such as brand colors, your preferred fonts, the size of each of your headings, your body text, tables, buttons, forms and more can be customized in your theme editor. You can override some settings on an individual basis, e.g. you may want to use a different background color for a singular button, but the theme editor is your fast path to a sleek, consistent appearance throughout your portal.

We suggest configuring global brand settings such as your logo, brand colors and favicon, before creating your portal pages so that you can use them to design your portal.

ℹ️ Note that the major modules on your dashboard page are designed to allow you to edit them individually, so you will not find settings for these modules in the theme editor.

Follow these steps to customize your AllianceHub theme.


1. Go to your website themes

Pro tip 💡

Use HubSpot's search to access your themes using fewer clicks. Just type theme into the search, and click Website themes in the Settings section.



2. Hover over AllianceHub from your available themes and click the orange View theme button. 

AllianceHubScreen  viewtheme


This will direct you to the theme editor. 

3. Work your way through every section — clicking the down arrow next to each heading to reveal the available options — up to and including Tables, to set your desired fonts, sizes, and colors.

As you haven't yet created any pages, or a menu, you can either complete the header and footer settings now, or come back to them later.

4. Click Apply changes at bottom left of the menu, to commit your changes at any time. Updating global appearance settings is as easy as returning to this step whenever necessary.




5. When ready, click the orange Publish to assets button at top right.