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Installing AllianceHub

After purchasing AllianceHub, you will receive a .zip file containing all of the required files for the theme, and the application. Follow these steps to install it (you will require the appropriate HubSpot admin permissions).

Before you begin

First, follow these steps to create a HubSpot private app (you must be a super admin) and supply the app's access token to us. We'll preconfigure your AllianceHub with your token, so you won't require any other development input. 

1. Log in to your HubSpot account.


2. Click the settings gear icon in the main navigation bar as shown.


3. In the left sidebar menu, scroll down to Website > Themes. Click on themes.



4. At top right, click the orange Upload Theme button.


5. Choose the AllianceHub .zip file and click Open. The theme will begin uploading, and a success message will display once upload has completed. The theme is ready to use and customize when AllianceHub is displayed as an available theme on this page.