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About us 🤔

We're marketers (and marketing tech geeks) who couldn't find a HubSpot-integrated partner portal that could do what we needed, when we needed one.

The PRMs we looked at either double-handled data, or they had fixed layouts with limited options, or they were incredibly expensive. Sometimes, all at once 🤯

So, we built AllianceHub for companies that are all-in on HubSpot. And, we didn't just integrate it — we built it right in HubSpot. We focused on the things you really, really need 🤔

✅ Smart, automated deal registration.
✅ Clever open and closed-won deal calculations.
✅ Pipelines that know whether a partner rep is looking for their own deals or a partner admin is checking all the deals they've created for you.
✅ Searchable sales resources that let you share all kinds of media, from pdfs to embedded video and presentations.
✅ Completely private files, so only logged-users can access them.

We made templates for one-click page creation of your dashboard, pipeline, and other important pages, and we let your designers and marketing team go wild. They can drag and drop, hide and display, color, and personalize to their heart's content 

AllianceHub isn't our partner portal with your logo and colors. It's your portal with AllianceHub partner deal and sales resources magic.

We'd love to charge you $70,000 USD for it. Per year. That's what we were paying for a HubSpot-integrated portal that kept creating new company records, driving our admins crazy, and frustrating the hell out of us with its two fixed dashboard options.

But we don't. We don't even charge 10% of that. And you only pay once.

Because it's your partner portal, not our portal with your logo on it.

And because partners are an incredibly important part of any good sales and service ecosystem, we think a partner portal should deliver a ridiculously high return on investment rather than being a painful annual drag on your P&L.

With AllianceHub, you can have your partner portal right next to your HubSpot contacts, companies, marketing, deals, service tickets, workflows, personalizations, and all the rest.

It's a single source of partner and customer truth, and you're invited to take a look around.

If you think it'll work for you, let's talk about it. Or, just ask questions and pick our brains 😀

Thanks for stopping by.